2020 Ambassador Details

2020 Clif Bar Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and Half Ambassador Program

For 2020 we are continuing our Ambassador Program to help spread the word and the love for M2B and our sponsors. If you are interested, please submit a running resume and cover letter as to why you think you would be a great ambassador to info@mountains2beachmarathon.com no later than 12/13/19. Please include a photo of you in action and your Facebook / Instagram info.

Space is limited to 10 ambassadors.

Ideal Candidates (the more that apply the better):

  1. Outgoing and friendly runners of all ability levels and ages (No need to be "fast")
  2. Active in their local community through volunteering, local and regional races and running club(s)
  3. Enjoys other active outdoor pursuits outside of running
  4. Ability to volunteer at Packet Pickup for our 2020 event and/ or volunteer at a local race in your region (races are hard work and rely heavily on amazing volunteers, lets spread the love, karma has a funny way of working back to ya!)
  5. Savvy-ish in social media (You need to be able to document and share all the fun your having!!!!)


  1. 50% off entry to M2B event of your choice for 2020
  2. Cool new M2B gear (free the first time) to be sent out by January 2020
  3. Access to discounted M2B gear throughout the year
  4. All the Clif Gels you need (within reason of course)
  5. Access to other promotional items as they become available through our amazing sponsors.


  1. Be happy and fun!!! (easier said than done sometimes)
  2. Train weekly and race in M2B gear
  3. Promote the M2B race and sponsors in a positive light with enthusiasm and excitement
  4. Use M2B sponsor products (i.e. Clif Bar and Fluid)
  5. Answer questions about the event to interested runners, don't just send them to the website (you email the race director if you don't know the answer)
  6. Race in the 2020 M2B Full or Half Marathon.
  7. Post pictures and short blurbs about your training (in M2B gear) to your personal Facebook and Instagram etc. as well as M2B's on a weekly basis
  8. Volunteer for at least 2 local events in your area (be sure to wear your M2B swag and take photos) one event can be Packet Pickup for us in May if your available.
  9. Either fundraise or help a fundraiser by volunteering (again be sure to post on social media about this)