Charity Entries

Mountain 2 Beach Marathon 200 Charity Entry Spots

For 2018 we are implementing a new way to fundraise and help better the community and world we live and run in. There will be 200 charity spots in addition to the full marathon and half marathon. 150 for the marathon and 50 for the half.

What do I need to do?

Register like normal and select the “charity spot” and pay the registration fee + a charity donation. That’s it. No need to fundraise or any other commitment.

$220- Full Marathon ($120 entry fee- $100 donation)

$175- Half Marathon ($75 entry fee- $100 donation)

Who gets the money?

100% of any money brought in through this program will be given directly to the Ventura Education Partnership. Our primary beneficiary this year where all money goes straight into the classrooms. No salaries, no skimming off the top, 100% for the kids.

How many people get to register with a charity entry?

We are limiting the number to 150 for the marathon and 50 for the half.