M2B 2017 Ambassadors

Edward “Brett” Copeland

Began distance running in 2011 while on active duty Air Force and has since completed 6 marathons, 23 half marathons, and numerous races at other distances. He set his current marathon PR at Mountains 2 Beach in 2016 and second best time in 2015. This course is one of his favorites for training and racing in the area. He is excited to return as an ambassador for the second straight year.




Paola Gamino

I’m just a small town girl running the streets of this crazy world. I’m thrilled to be an Ambassador for the 2017 Clif Mountains 2 Beach Marathon, this is so exciting for me and a huge motivation to set a PR on what will be my second marathon! I started running when I was in high school, I was in cross country and enjoyed it a lot. I’ve always ran casually but it wasn’t until 2014 that I decided I wanted to be a marathoner, at one point it seemed impossible, but I just wanted to know that if I tried hard I would be able to run it, and so in February of 2015 I ran my first marathon. Now I know that anyone can run a marathon if they just put their soul and body into it. I encourage everyone to try this sport called running because the beauty of it is too much. It is liberating and renewing. You can run until you sweat your worries away, until you feel lighter and cleaner, until you’re so exhausted that you won’t have trouble falling asleep at night no matter the situation around you. And did I mention you can eat all the pizza and tacos in the world without gaining a pound?? Awesome, I know! For these and many other reasons, I’m a runner, I’m not super fast, but I’m a runner at heart.

Rachel Goldstein

I could not be more excited to be an ambassador for Mountains 2 Beach! I have been running consistently for a little over two years now and Mountains 2 Beach Marathon 2015 was the race that made me fall in love with the marathon. I am a doctor by day and a runner in the wee hours of the morning. I love to hit the trails and explore new parts of LA with my training. I will be looking for that ever elusive BQ this year, and cannot wait to toe the line with so many friends at Mountains 2 Beach this year.



Victor Hurtado

Some people know me as @running_victor and I’m very excited to be an ambassador for Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. All I hear from this race are great things. This is an awesome course where we can all go for a huge PR and that’s what I intend to do. And I hope you join me so we can all have fun out there on the course. I enjoy running half marathons a lot, but this last year I did a few full marathons and I really enjoy the challenges that 26.2 miles bring and I enjoy overcoming some of the challenges and discomforts that marathons present to us. Although we all have different abilities and run at different speeds, I always tell people “let’s keep working hard so we can keep improving”. Through hard work and dedication, we can all improve and it’s so worth it at the end. I enjoy running and I hope to inspire some people to get out there and run and of course, if you’re from my area, let’s go for a run!!!

Rafael Ojeda

I’m the guy holding the 2:20 sign in the picture. First time pacing for the half marathon last year, had so much fun that I’m planning on doing it again for the 2017 M2B half marathon. M2B is my most favorite race as, being a Ventura resident, it is local and helps many deserving local charity groups. Honored to have been selected again as ambassador for the race. I enjoy talking to people about this race, both the full and half distances. I participate in the training for the half marathon, but I also assist with the training group for the full, riding my bike to provide run support. It helps me know both courses so I can pass along any info/gotchas to anyone who asks. M2B is a net downhill race but it does have some uphills that may catch people off guard. Some day I will run the full marathon for M2B but I just enjoy the half marathon too much. Besides, there’s a need for an ambassador for those running the half marathon, and I gladly will take on that responsibility.

Stephanie Ormond

Mountains2Beach was my first marathon in 2015 and my current PR in 2016. I’ve been running for about 4 years and really enjoy the training over the actual racing. I work as a dental hygienist and enjoy traveling… especially RUNcations! This is, hands down, my favorite race from the gentle downhill course to the great weather, to the awesome cheer stations and on course support. There is no better way to end a race than on a beach…maybe wear your swimsuit under your race number! I have a packed spring planned running Boston, Big Sur, and Mountains2Beach.
Feel free to follow along on IG: see_stephanie_run


Dax Ross

As an avid trail, mountain and ultra runner, I swore off marathons after trying and failing to qualify for Boston on numerous occasions. But then I saw Mountains 2 Beach and knew that I had to run it. Follow my training and marathon journey at dirtyrunning.com






Michelle Serna-Garcia aka One Bad Mother Runner

I am not fast but I am furious. Mother by day, runner by night and somehow I fit my career in all the chaos. I have been running for 4 years now and I have found a true passion and love for running. I have ran 18 half marathons and ran my first full marathon in November 2016! What an experience! This will be my first time running M2B half marathon and no better way to run it than representing as an ambassador! I am excited and look forward to meeting everyone at the finish line!



Lori Sharp

I’m SO excited to be an Ambassador for the 2017 Mountains to Beach Marathon! This is MY favorite race of the area and it’s also where I received my time that got me my first bib for the 2017 Boston Marathon. I’m also a triathlete, an ultra marathoner, Spartan Racer, and Crossfitter. I know you’ll love the Mountains to Beach Half/Full Marathon as much as I do and I can’t wait to see you out there come race day.




Apply for Our 2018 Ambassador Team

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Then why not apply to be apart of the newly formed M2B ambassador program for 2018. We have put together what we think is a nice list of perks for all you M2B geeks out there.

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