Mountains 2 Beach Deferral Policy

NOTE: There may be Vaccine requirements, Mask requirements and/or Negative Covid test requirements if mandated by the County. Deferrals will be offered if you are unwilling/unable to comply in accordance with our normal Deferral Policy. This will be better known as the event draws near.

-Covid 19 Policy- only in effect if the entire event is cancelled due to COVID 19.

-IF YOU PAID A REGISTRATION FEE FOR 2022- Deferrals or the option to request a refund or donate your entry will be available. See Steps 1-5 below on how to Defer. (No Processing Fee will be charged)
-DEADLINE TO DEFER IS 5/31/22- Any registrations left “Active” after this date fees will be donated to keep M2B and its employees going.
-IF YOU HAVE ADD ON SELECTIONS- (i.e. Finishers Jackets, Bib by Mail, Beer Tickets, etc.) They will be transferred manually by our team when you register next time (*Remember for next year: No need to purchase your past add on again)
• IF YOU WERE A DEFERRAL FROM 2019, 2020 OR 2021, you are not eligible for refunds, but your entry will automatically be deferred to the next M2B

**If the event is permitted, our normal Deferral policy below will be in effect

Deferrals to the next M2B are allowed through 4/30/22 with no processing fee. After 4/30/22 a $25 processing fee will be added. No more Deferrals can be accepted after 5/14/22.

Here is how to defer from this year to the next (if you qualify):

  1. Login to your RunSignUp account you created when registering.
    *If you don’t see your current M2B registration, you may have multiple RunSignUp accounts, be sure to login to your correct account or contact Run Signup for how to merge those accounts into one.

2. Click on Profile which is under the round Run Sign Up logo in the upper right menu bar

3. Under Up Coming events locate Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and Click on Manage Registration button

4. Click on  Defer Registration

5. Fill out any needed information and then click Confirm Payment & Deferral button

Once you finish, we will store your info and send you a link to register for next years event once registration has opened. Any Add Ons you purchased this year will not transfer to your next years event, but don’t worry we will manually and them later. No need to purchase them again when you register, unless you see something new you would like to add, then by all means go ahead.

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Ventura CA 93003