Elite Entries

Elite Entries

At the Clif Mountains 2 Beach Marathon & Half-Marathon, we are committed to aiding in developing and supporting elite, sub-elite, and local elite athletes as much as we feasibly can. We are runners and were fans of the sport long before we started organizing events.

We have created the following standards to promote a fast race, and support those runners spending hours upon hours out there pounding the pavement:

Free Entry50% Off Entry
Men's Marathon sub 2:40 sub 2:55
Women's Marathon sub 2:55 sub 3:15
Men's Half Marathon sub 1:12 sub 1:18
Women's Half Marathon sub 1:22 sub 1:27

To gain entry into the event as an elite athlete, email info@mountains2beachmarathon.com with links to your recent race results. The number of elite entries is limited.

*all times submitted must be from the last 12 months

*any request for entry into the marathon must be accompanied by a qualifying marathon result. No Half marathon times will qualify for entry into the full. Marathon times will be considered towards half marathon entry.