Meet the Pacers

Full Marathon Pacers


Chris Allen

Growing up in Ventura County I played no sports, it wasn't until about 7 years ago that I took up running. Running then led all the way into doing an IRONMAN.  Since then I have been training and challenging myself in marathons and IRONMAN events.  I have paced mountains2beach 3 times, every time the 3:05 group.   Best advice I can give to anyone looking to use a pacer is to relax and trust in them.





Don Wang

In high school I was a lazy sprinter who considered anything over 400m as "marathon distance". I never considered running for fun until after hitting the quarter-century mark, in age, when I watched as my housemate trained for her third RNR (San Diego) and I decided that I didn't want to miss out! I tend to do things backward. For example, my first road race was a 15K, not a 5K (or 10K). I ran my first half marathon over four years after that first full. Whenever I pace, I prefer to take the first half slower than the second half, especially if the course has more elevation gain in the beginning -- like at M2B! I have paced here every year since 2015, and I'm looking forward to returning in 2018.


David Pai

I ran my first Marathon in 2011 where I finished in 4:23.  I said I’d never run another marathon again.  Ha Ha!  M2B 2015 is when I qualified for Boston with a 3:09 and now Fast Forward to 2018 with a PR of 2:55 this March, I am looking forward to helping you reach your goal!  Let’s do this…Go M2B runners!






Simon Mutlu

Simon took up running to get back into shape, and that was 50 pounds and more than 50 marathons ago (including various Boston qualifiers and an Ironman finish).  Over the years, he has served as an official pace group leader for more than a dozen marathons (including Mountains to Beach) as well as a running coach for Team in Training - he absolutely loves helping runners achieve their personal goals.  Aside from running, he lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is raising two young children.




Li Yi

I have been in long distance running for about 4 years, and have ran 12 full marathons so far. BQ'ed (3:16) at M2B in 2016, PR (2:49) at CIM in Dec 2017. I also paced a few full and half marathons for our running club "BURN" runners before. I love to help M2B runners to achieve their goals.






Lino Torres

My name is Lino Torres, I am 48 years old. I have been a pace leader for group 2  for LARR for 9 years and I have completed 73 marathons and 100+ half marathons. I have been a pacer at Canyon City Azusa Marathon, Ventura marathon and REVEL CANYON CITY  MT Charleston.





Scott Douglas

Original from Glasgow,  Scott  started distance running during late 2011 in Florida with his first attempt at the Marathon distance in Miami, 2012. Since this time, he’s completed over 75 half or full marathons, both racing and as a pacer.  “Pacing is a great way to give back to the running community” Douglas comments.  “ There is no better feeling seeing your group of runners achieve their goal, regardless if a BQ, new personal best or goal” Scott who works full time for Crystal Cruises spent the past 4 years in Santa Clarita, only recently giving up the mountainous terrain of California for the humidity of South Florida.  “At least they have long, high bridges in Miami, which allows me to continue incline training” he laughs. Looking back over the years, Scott reflects on the Edinburgh Marathon festival during 2014 as his toughest event to date. Scott and his brother Nick completed the 5k,10k on Saturday followed by the Half Marathon and Full Marathon on the Sunday.  “The biggest challenge was completing the half marathon with enough time to jump on the back of a Harley, speed through 8 miles of back streets to be at in the center of Edinburgh  and the start line of the Marathon before the timing mats were removed. Scott is excited at pacing his 3rd Mountains to Beach marathon, and looking forward to one of the most beautiful courses in the country”


Grant Barnett

Grant has been running since 2011 and ran his first full marathon in 2014 at Mountains 2 Beach. He has paced over 2 dozen races, including Mountains 2 Beach 2016 (3:58) and 2017 (3:37); his favorite pacing story is the time his GPS watch froze up at the start and he successfully paced a full marathon with nothing but a pace band and asking other runners' times at the mile markers. He now paces with 2 GPS watches! Grant would love to help you reach your goal, whether it's a BQ, PR, first marathon or anything else!




Scott Kunz

Scott Kunz has been running marathons for almost 20 years.  He and his wife Rachele have run a combined total of over 200 marathons and ultras.  Scott is a 10 time finisher of the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, and has run marathons in 22 states.  Forget the gadgets and gizmos, his secret to longevity is 15 minutes in an ice bath the day of and day after a long race.  An ideal weekend for Scott includes running a marathon in the morning, then spending time with his wife and two kids (with twins due in August), and chowing down on Fresh Mex!  Always anxious to pace a marathon, Scott looks forward to exchanging stories with you along the course!



Rudy Carrasquillo

Hi I am Rudy Carrasquillo. I am currently a Senior Pace Leader for the Los Angeles Marathon 4:09 team.  I have over 6 years of pace leading experience and have paced run from 1:40-4:45 finish.  I am here ready to serve you.






Roni Konitz

I’ve been running since 2002. I ran so far (as of February 2018) 148 marathons, 128 halves, and 12 50Ks. My first marathon was San Francisco, and that’s the first marathon I paced in 2009. I set my personal record in California International Marathon (CIM) 2014: 3:25:20. I ran 5 of the 6 world marathon majors, missing only London Marathon. I paced so far 42 marathons and 17 halves. I ran Mountains to Beach 6 times in a row since 2012, last 5 times as a pacer (pace between 3:45 and 3:58). When I’m not running - I SCUBA dive and homebrew beer.




Stella Springer

Stella Springer, 47, resides in Woodlake Hills CA, an avid trail and road runner. Recent races include Chicago Marathon 2017 finished in 3:35:45. Ray Miller 50K Dec 2017, Sean O’Brien 50K Feb 2018, Griffith Park Marathon Mar 2018 where she won the overall women. Stella’s best marathon time is 3:29:00 in 2017.





Hanoch Raviv

Paced M2B since its inception when it was still “Ojai 2 Ocean." Avid pacer that enjoys leading runners to the finish line.








Christopher Rosario

Chris has paced Mountains2Beach for 5 years and is a pacer for 9 years. A runner for over 15 years, Chris has ran anywhere between 5ks to 50ks. However, the marathon distance is perhaps his favorite distance. His favorite part about pacing is meeting the runners and helping them reach their goals. His pacing strategy is trying to keep a steady pace and adjusting the pace when going up hills. But most importantly to enjoy the run and have fun.




Sean Enderton

Shaun enjoys traveling and running and has completed 12 marathons and 34 half marathons in 9 different states. He loves the social aspect of running and prefers to run without any technology. He’s been fast, slow and everywhere in between but knows that everything is relative and the achievement of personal aspirations is more valuable than any medal. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your running goals.





Yongbing Wan

I started running Marathon races from 2009, and have finished 35 marathon races since, including  4 Boston Marathon races. My best time was 3:28 at 2013 CIM. At last year's CIM, I got 3:31. I paced 2016 M2B with Linda Price, and we, together with all runners with us, had a lot of fun.





Linda Price

Linda began running in fourth grade but did not realize her passion until high school Cross Country and Track. Her first half marathon was in 2004 and first marathon in 2006. She paced Surf City Half Marathon in 2010 and loved it. She has been an avid Mountains2Beach pacer since 2014. Linda has completed 18 full and multiple half marathons, numerous century rides, and three Half Ironman races. Being a pacer is about giving back to the running community and ensuring runners achieve their target goal time.




Michelle Krok

Michelle has been running since the age of 12. Over 3 decades later, she continues to run. Originally starting as a sprinter, she found her niche. Her first ½ marathon was at the age of 24, and her first FULL at 40, but with countless smaller races and miles in between. Having just completed her 62nd marathon to date and about the same in half marathons, she enjoys running on varying terrains. As a mother and grandmother, Michelle is has faced many physical and spiritual challenges in life, the greatest of which was her diagnosis with Graves’ disease in 2001.  She attributes her spiritual victories to her Christian faith, and uses her running (and abilities) to encourage, inspire and show compassion to those that are facing equally emotional and spiritually challenging defeats in their own life.


Rebecca Sosa Hernandez

So excited to return to M2B this year to pace the 4:40 group.  I like to call my pace group the "Party Pace" group where having a good time is priority #1!  Being a pacer has been a rewarding experience, being able to meet incredible people at before, during, and after the race. I love hearing about people's journeys, from the time they took their first jog around the block to lining up at the start line of a marathon.  I started my running journey 20 years ago to maintain a 60lb weight loss which I achieved not by running but by taking group fitness classes.  When I realized the gym couldn't travel with me on business or vacation, I discovered that I could get a pretty good workout just by putting one foot in front of the other.  My first 10K was in 2001, my first half marathon in 2005, my first full marathon in 2013, and my first 50K in 2015. Who knows where my running journey will take me but I'll be ready for the next adventure.


Maricar Montano

My running journey started almost 5 years ago with the Couch Potato to 5k plan, not believing that I'd be able even run 3 mile.  Since then, I have completed about 10 half marathons (paced 5 of them) and ran 3 full marathons.  M2B is a meaningful race for me, as it was my first sub-4:00 last year.  As a math teacher, numbers are my thing, and pacing is just one fun math problem actively being solved.




Half Marathon Pacers


Loren Collingwood

Loren Collingwood is an amateur endurance athlete, having run his first marathon in 2008. Collingwood has run over 14 marathons, with a PR of 2:43 at the OC Marathon in 2016, and a 1:15 half marathon PR. Collingwood is also an ironman athlete having completed 8 ironmans with a PR of 9:26 at Ironman Texas in 2015. Collingwood also qualified for and participated in Ironman Hawaii, Kona. At Ironman Canada in July, Collingwood will guide a visually impaired athlete to his first ironman finish. Collingwood is a regular pacer having paced 10 milers, half-marathons, and marathons. He enjoys the camaraderie of pacing.



Mike Bertram

Having struggled with weight for many years as both a child and a young adult, Mike began running in late 2009 on a quest to continue his journey towards fitness.  Since then, he has completed 26 marathons and 54 half marathons, and in 2018 he will be running the Boston Marathon for his 3rd time.  Mike enjoys pacing and believes is one of the best ways to give back to the running community.  This will be his 3rd year pacing Mountains to Beach, and he looks forward to again helping others achieve their goals!




Joe Buccino

Hi I'm Joe Buccino. I've been running with the Inside Track Running Club for over 7 years, and have run the Mountains 2 Beach half marathons or marathon every year since it began as Ojai to Ocean. I'm a pacer for the M2B Half, it's my third year pacing this half marathon. I've also paced a number of half marathons and marathons around the country for a pacing company. Pacing is something I find rewarding as well as an opportunity to enjoy the sport of running with both new and seasoned runners.




Gabe Wu

Gabe was a college sprinter turned triathlete turned distance runner. After being introduced to triathlons he slowly learned to enjoy 5ks and worked his way up to half ironman distance triathlons. He has been a pacer since 2011 up and down the coast of California. He thinks that helping other racers achieve their goals whether it is their first race or trying to PR is very rewarding and satisfying. Until then he would love to get his fast twitch muscles firing again training in sunny Santa Barbara. Gabe has been a pacer for the Mountains to Beach event since 2015 and excited to make this a fun event for all the racers this year by telling really cheesy jokes.



Lindsay Koeppen

Lindsay's dad started her running at a young age, and she now has been running for almost 20 years. She has been pacing races since 2015, as well as been a member of RaceGuards for almost 2 years.  She says that her most memorable running moment was completing her first full marathon-the Los Angeles Marathon-in March 2015. Lindsay currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. When she is not running, she is studying for nursing school or hanging out with her cat Toast. This will be Lindsay's third consecutive year as a pacer for Mountains 2 Beach.




Amy Morrissette

Amy started endurance running in high school on the country roads of Katskill Bay, New York and the shore of Lake George. She participated in numerous 6ks, 8ks, 10ks and half marathons, and eventually became an annual full marathon runner. Her first full marathon was completed in 2013 while stated at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. She is excited to be able to give back in her favorite sport as a pacer and to motivate other runners toward meeting their running goals. Amy lives in Camarillo, CA with her husband and their three children


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