We Give Back 2016

$20,000 Ventura Education Partnership (VEP) $7,000 to Community Memorial Hospital System $6,500 to Ventura Hillsides Conservancy $5,000 to the Ventura Unified School District for new athletic equipment $4,000 to Nordhoff High School $1,500 to Ventura County Sheriffs Foundation Explorers $1,000 to Ojai Valley Land Conservancy $1,250 to Foothill High School $1,000 to Buena High School … Read more

M2B 2016 Highlights

Here are some Top Race Weekend 2016 Highlights

We could not have asked for better running weather!

This years donations to charity will be near $70,000.

Our Boston Gong was going off like crazy (qualified but didn’t see the gong? you don’t want to miss that next year).

The Cheer stations were a huge hit!