Coronavirus Update #3

Coronavirus update 4/22/2020

Thank you all so very much for your patience since we had to cancel the 2020 Mountains 2 Beach Marathon and Half last month. It was an extraordinarily painful decision, but the correct one. We here at Fast Green Racing Inc. sincerely hope you and your family are all healthy, and trying to find some solace in this crazy time.

To help brighten your day, we are very pleased to announce that all our hard work over the last few weeks has paid off. All of our runners will get to choose exactly what happens with their paid registration fee, and we are happy to say the options are as follows;

  • Donate my registration fee

If you are able, please consider donating your registration fee to our charity partners. Some of you have already reached out offering to do just this, and we could not be more grateful. We have some amazing charity partners that rely very heavily on us every year to help our community, and not being able to hold the event means, our schools, city programs, local land trusts, local food banks etc… are not able to help as many people as they normally do. In order to help offset some of the struggles our charities are experiencing, we will match up to $10,000. Please help if you can!

To donate your fee, simply do nothing. On May 25th, we will see who has not requested a refund or a deferral and we will donate whatever money is left.

  • Defer my registration to the next M2B-

We are so honored that would like to join us at the next M2B. Deferring is simple. Click HERE for instructions on deferring and once we open registration for the next M2B, we will automatically send you a link so you can register. That’s it! No fee, no problem. This option is available now.

Deadline to defer is 5/24/2020-any registration fees left after this date will be donated to one of our charity partners

  • I would like a refund-

We totally get it, and it is no problem at all. We have begun the money transfer process to Run Sign Up (there needs to be money in the account for you to get a refund). This will take a few days, and we will let everyone know when exactly they can login and get a refund (should not be longer than a week, we have been told). If you need/ would like a refund, click HERE for instructions on how to get the process going. We sincerely hope to see you back out there with us once things settle down.

Deadline to request a refund is 5/24/2020- any registration fees left after this date will be donated to one of our charity partners

From the Race Director-

“Over the past 10 years as the race director for Mountains 2 Beach, I have seen such amazing acts of kindness and compassion from the runners who have chosen to join us. I am forever humbled to be able to produce this event that so many have reached out to tell me is “their favorite.” I truly hope to be able to give you all our best event yet, just as soon as it is safe to do so. Please stay healthy, practice good hygiene and social distancing, and please reach out to each other and offer help, whatever help that may be. A simple phone call, can mean so much right now……I know it does to me. Thank you and till we meet again…”

Ben DeWitt-Race Director