Update to 2022 M2B Event Date Change

Hello runners,

Thank you for your patience and all the feedback thus far. This is a truly unprecedented situation for us all and we here are heartbroken. Not just for the event, but for all those who planned vacations, get togethers and so much more around the holiday weekend. As we have been able to process this situation with more clarity, we wanted to give you all some context and alert you to new options available.

How did we get here?

To be absolutely clear, we did everything we could to bring the event together starting last summer. We submitted all permits, have had continuous conversations with the cities etc… all in good faith that everything was moving forward like it had for so many years. This is the process. Quite literally, late last week the rug was pulled out from under us when law enforcement notified us that they do not have the staff to cover the event. We had very little time to pose our argument, and then ultimately still had to make the unfortunate announcement of the postponement. We offered up alternatives to the route to reduce needed officers, looked into 3rd party traffic management, and other compromises but those options were shot down for various reasons. We too are shocked.

Options available at this time-

Again, after more time to process what has happened, we are able to offer the following options.

  • IF you are good with the date change: You are good to go, you do not need to take any steps as far as your registration goes. We will see you the weekend of June 4th-5th
  • IF you cannot make the June 4th-5th date: If this weekend simply does not work for you, you can;
  • Request a refund- If you prefer, refunds will be available in the coming days. We sent money back to Run Sign Up and it will be in the account in approx. 1 weeks’ time. We will notify you all when this option becomes available.

  • For those with Hotel questions: Please reach out to Total Event Services for help on hotels. They will do everything they can to help you.  888-383-6810

Words cannot express the disappointment we all feel. It has been such a hard few years for everyone and now, just when we think we are emerging into something better, this happens. We are truly sorry to any who have made extensive plans to join us and sincerely hope you are all well.

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Ventura CA 93003
Email: info@Mountains2BeachMarathon.com